Location and Background

  • Located in the copper minerals region of Paterson District.
  • The projects have been generated from the Company’s in-house exploration targeting model, developed from a comprehensive database built copper prospectivity study across the Pilbara region
  • More than 6,166km2 of exploration licenses are currently under application.




Mandora and Desert Queen 

  • The Desert Queen Project covers a total area of 679km2 in the Paterson, 20km along strike from exploration conducted by Rio Tinto and within an interpreted copper corridor. 
  • The Mandora Project covers a total area of 1,487km2 in the Paterson, adjoining tenements held by Rio Tinto and FMG and is also located within an interpreted copper corridor.
  • Four target areas identified cover a total of 908km2 across both projects comprising 550km2 in two  target areas at the Mandora Project and 358km2 from two target areas at the Desert Queen Project. The target areas were selected utilizing advanced geophysical filtering and structural detection modelling, as well as regional geological evaluation of structural controls of known copper mineralization in the Paterson Province.
  • The Paterson Orogen has been sub-divided into the Paleo- to Mesoproterozoic Rudall Complex basement and Neoproterozoic sedimentary cover rocks of the Tarcunyah, Throssell Range and Lamill Groups. The Orogen is flanked by the Precambrian Pilbara Craton to the West and the concealed Precambrian North Australian Craton to the east. The Paleaozoic to Mesozoic Canning Basin unconformably overlies the north west Paterson orogen

Mandora Project:

Desert Queen Project:


  • A priority 1 Project accounting for 1,200km2 of ELAs and contains a large sediment hosted or sedimentary-exhalative copper horizon spanning approximately 80km.

Paterson South

  • Several strong discrete magnetic anomalies coincident with a basement highs and gravity ridges.


  • A large cluster of magnetic highs on the northern side of a major crustal-scale gravity ridge with known local Ni-Cu-PGE-Au mineralisation

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